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How to download YouTube videos to mp3

Mp3 songs is an easiest way to listen and play songs. You can easily playback songs while doing chat with friends. You android mobile phone contains format of telugu mp3 songs download handling. You can play songs through this audio coded format.

YouTube videos

YouTube is a platform where you watch millions of videos. It is one of those specific platforms where you can watch long videos. You can search for your desired content here. It does not have any limitation of providing results. You will see multiple links while searching for a content here. It does nit only contains songs but also learning content. You can search for any food making recipe here all over the world by famous chefs.

Downloading videos from YouTube

You can easily download YouTube videos. For this purpose, you can use different downloaders. These downloaders can be installed through play store in android mobile phone. These downloaders help you to easily download YouTube videos. There is a proper procedure for downloading YouTube videos by using these downloaders. You search for a video on YouTube and then copy its link. After copying link of that video, you have to open downloader. You need to paste the copied link of YouTube video for downloading it. It will start downloading automatically. In addition, you can save YouTube videos on YouTube as well. These saved videos can be watched when you are offline and not using internet. But these videos can be watched through YouTube saved videos. On the other hand, videos installed through downloader are saved in memory of android mobile phone.

YouTube videos conversion into mp3 format

After downloading YouTube videos, you can convert these videos in mp3 format. Mp3 format is an audio coded format which resize and compress the video into smaller size. It changes video into audio version which does not require larger space in your android mobile phone. Mp3 format converts the original file into 1/12th of it. In this way you can keep several files in your android mobile phone. Another reason for converting YouTube video into mp3 format is supporting format of mobile phone.

How to directly download mp3 format file from YouTube

Now it is a time when you can directly download YouTube videos as mp3 audio file. For this purpose, you need to click on the search button of YouTube. After clicking search button, you have to write video name along with pp. For example after writing a song name, you have to write pp. This will show you downloading links as video or mp3 format. You can select whichever format you want. This will show you download button after showing link. You can right click for saving this as a video or mp3 format.

So this was the way of downloading YouTube videos to mp3 format. In this way you can easily download your favourite songs in mp3 naa songs format. This is the faster way to download rather than installing downloader for YouTube videos downloader and convertor.

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